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Flower Seeds and Ornamental Plants Price in chennai

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Flower Seeds and Ornamental Plants Price in chennai
Particulars Price (Rs) / plant
Adenium plants in poly bags 15.00 
Adenium plants in pots 50.00 
Anthurium plants in 750g size mud pots 75.00 
Anthurium plants in 250g size mud pots 50.00 
Anthurium plants in 500g size mud pots 60.00 
Anthurium plants in small size plastic pots 25.00 
Araucaria plant (big) in pot 150.00 
Araucaria plant (small) in pot 75.00 
Allamanda (Pink & Yellow) 10.00 
Barleria plant 5.00 
Bougainvillea (ordinary) 10.00 
Bougainvillea (variety - Thimma & Mohra) 10.00 
Cacti 10.00 
Succulent 10.00 
Chrysanthemum sucker (in tube pot) or 10 nos. in loose 5.00 
Creepers and climbers 5.00 
Cuttings - Rooted cuttings (Bare) 2.00 
Cuttings - Unrooted cuttings, slips and bulbs - 1 No. 1.00 
Delhi Crossandra 5.00 
Flowering annual seedlings (bare) / 100 Nos. 25.00 
Ixora plant 5.00 
Jasmine in poly bag (Gundumalli/Jathimalli/Mullai) 6.00 
Shade grass / kg 20.00 
Korean grass / sq. ft. 20.00 
Miscellaneous seedlings 5.00 
Mussaenda plants 25.00 
Nerium plant 5.00 
Junipers 35.00 
Orchid - Dendrobium in small cups 15.00 
Ornamental plants (in small plastic cups) 5.00 
Ornamental plants (in poly bag - small) 10.00 
Ornamental plants (in poly bag - big) 15.00 
Ornamental plants in 250g size pot 20.00 
Ornamental plants in 500g size pot 30.00 
Ornamental plants in 750g size pot 40.00 
Ornamental (choice and indoor plants) in small pots 60.00 
Ornamental plant (choice and in big pots) 100.00 
Palms in polybags 15.00 
Pothas in totem poles 100.00 
Pentas in polybags 10.00 
Plant specimen for herbarium 0.50 
Rose (Hybrid Tea - in polybag) 20.00 
Rose (Hybrid tea colour in tube pot) 25.00 
Rose (other - colour in polybag) 15.00 
Rose (Edward and Red in poly bags) 10.00 
Rose (other in tube pot) 20.00 
Rubber plant (small) 25.00 
Seeds  - Flower seeds / kg 1000.00 / kg 
Seeds - Flower seeds / packet 10.00 / pkt 
Seeds - Ornamental tree seeds (Ordinary) / kg 250.00 / kg 
Seeds - Ornamental tree seeds (Choice - Except Fish Tail palm) 500.00 / kg 
Seeds - Fish tail palm (Caryota) seeds 300.00 / kg 
Tabebuia argentia (Yellow) 25.00 / No. 
Champaka graft 40.00 / No. 
Ficus Starlight 75.00 / No. 
Cycas Mini 150.00 / No. 

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