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For over 27 years, Mahatria has been empowering millions across the globe to live a life of Holistic Abundance. Experiencing Mahatria and His wisdom is Life-changing and helps people to overcome their belief systems and conditioning to find breakthroughs in Health, Wealth, Love, Bliss, Spiritual Connect.


Industrialists and Entrepreneurs on the Forbes lists, Opinion makers, Award-winning Musicians, Sports persons, Educationalists, Students, people from all walks of life find their Success, Purpose, Peace, Happiness, Faith and Miracles with infinitheism, the path of holistic abundance.

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Mahatria's Wisdom

Clarity is power! Empower yourself with the much-needed clarity that you have been seeking for and happily surf through life.

Many a times an unanswered query at the back of your mind is likely to slow you down. 'Mahatria's wisdom' page is created with curated wisdom by Mahatria, to provide you clarity and put you on a fast track.

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Seekers from across the globe attend infinipath - GROWTH sessions with Mahatria online LIVE through ZOOM, every Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 11:15 a.m. (IST).
Explore various aspects of life: Health, Wealth, Relationships, Happiness, and Spirituality. Engage in live interactions and Q & As, witness breakthroughs and experiences, gain clarity and power. Your commitment and time is all it takes.

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