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Women must never ignore these warning signs of magnesium deficiency in them!!

How many are aware of the fact that magnesium plays an important role in us like in biochemical reactions, muscle functions, nerve functions, blood glucose control and protein synthesis etc?

Posted On :15/Jun/2024 9:13:48 AM

Scleroderma, an autoimmune issue - Important things to know!!

In some persons, hardening and tightening of their skin and connective tissues etc would take place and this is scleroderma.

Posted On :14/Jun/2024 9:07:32 AM

Ways to avoid and heal chafing thighs during the summer seasons!!

Especially during the hot summers, our inner thighs might rub against each other repeatedly through skin to skin contact or through clothing etc to produce friction.

Posted On :13/Jun/2024 9:24:38 AM

Important habits that youngsters must follow that could prevent depression in their old age, please take care!!

With lack of time at their disposal due to very busy work schedules etc, the youngsters are finding it difficult to take care of their parents.

Posted On :12/Jun/2024 9:28:11 AM

Be careful!! Frequently eating noodles can harm us in these ways!!

If you eat noodles frequently then its high time that you stop eating them!!

Posted On :11/Jun/2024 9:30:14 AM

Page  123 977