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Sabarimala Ayyappan Temple Opens Today: Monthly Puja and Festival Schedule Announced!

The Sabarimala Ayyappan Temple is set to open today at 5 P.M. for its monthly puja.

Posted On :13/Mar/2024 11:25:08 AM

Sabarimala Ayyappan Temple Reopens for Masi Month Puja, Devotees Allowed Darshan Until February 18th

The Sabarimala Ayyappan Temple walk is set to reopen today for the Masi month puja, and devotees can partake in darshan until the 18th of February.

Posted On :13/Feb/2024 10:11:48 AM

Unprecedented crowd in Sabarimala now - Devotees can visit Swamy Ayyapan temple at Madipakkam in Chennai to end their fast!!

On 16th November 2023, for the Sabari Malai mandala pooja the temple walk was opened for the devotees is known.

Posted On :10/Jan/2024 9:22:49 AM

The corridors of Sabarimalai Lord Sri Ayyappan temple are to open tomorrow, 30 December, for Makara Vilakku Poojas!

The corridors of the Sabarimala Lord Sri Ayyappan temple are set to reopen tomorrow, Saturday, 30th January, for the Makara Vilakku Poojas.

Posted On :29/Dec/2023 12:28:32 PM

Special and New: Mobile App Ayyan for the devotees of Sabarimalai Lord Ayyappan!

The Forestry Department of the State Government of Kerala has launched an app called Ayyan to assist devotees embarking on the pilgrimage to Sabarimala for the Darshan of Lord Ayyappan.

Posted On :27/Nov/2023 3:51:32 PM

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