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  Mahatria Videos

Livechennai brings you a mind-blowing compilation of some of the inspiring and motivational videos by mahatria. the videos are about being a gift to the world, discovering what is beyond the godly power, a simple spiritual practice called the infiniminute, what is the ultimate power to lead the entire world?, infiniprayer, and more. click on and enjoy the videos.

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Mahatria Ra... Change Your Attitudes Change Your Life

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  Inspiring and Motivational Quotes from Mahatria

Mahatria keep inspiring human lives with his thoughts and ideas and motivational talks and quotes! His deep insights and perspectives put us awestruck in many different ways. Here we have some of his inspiring quotes on Commitment, self-consolation, quality consciousness, challenges in life, renewing our perceptions, doing things for the first time in life, an awareness on how our life is progressing, and lot more. Read on and rejuvenate your mind.

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