Akshaya Tritiya is celebrated on 21/Apr/2015 between 05:53am to 12:20pm

A festival that binds mythology with the contemporary world

India, a land of many cultures and festivals, always has something unique to offer when it comes to festivals. Amongst many of these distinct celebrations, lies the auspicious festival of Akshay Tritya. Falling on 21st April, this year, Akshaya Tritya happens to be a day of celebration for the Hindus. Arriving on the 3rd Tithi (lunar day) of the Bright Half (Shukla Paksha) of the Indian month of Vaishakha, many Hindus consider this day to be one of the luckiest and brightest days of the entire year, thus calling for a celebration of magnanimous stature.

The word Akshaya translates into eternal, or something that never diminishes. According to Hindu Astrology, there are three lunar days, namely, Yugadi, Akshaya Tritya and Vijay Dashmi, which are auspicious and free from any harmful effects. Therefore, these three days are considered to be ideal for the start of any new business venture. On Akshaya Tritya, one can observe jewelers all over the country working late till night, catering to customers who are eager to procure gold. Some jewelers also work till late in less prominent areas as they believe that the almighty is protecting them from any harm.

Akshaya Tritya is believed to be the day of the beginning of the Treta Yug. The Treta Yuga is the second Yuga and is momentous for the births of Lord Vishnus incarnations in the form of Vamana, Parasurama and Lord Ram. Lord Parasurama happens to be the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu and its widely accepted that his birthday falls on the occasion of Akshaya Tritya. Some also believe that this is the day when Ved Vyas and Lord Ganesha began writing the Hindu Epic Mahabharata. This day is also considered to be significant in the battle of Mahabharata. Some believe that this was the day when Pandavas discovered mighty weapons beneath the earth that they subsequently used to defeat the Kaurvas.

Kubera, on this day received mammoth wealth along with the position which made him the custodian of the wealth of Goddess Lakshmi. This happened when Kubera immersed himself in deep prayers before Lord Shiva at Shivapuram.

Women, all over the country, go out in the markets and buy jewelry and wear them as well. This is considered to be a sign of good fortune and stands out to ward off all evils.

There is another story about Akshaya Tritya that is recited countless times by elders to their children. A very famous story of Lord Krishna, who was exceptionally blessed with wealth and riches, and his friend, Sudama, does the rounds at this time of the year. Mythology tells us that once Sudama visited Lord Krishna to seek financial assistance with nothing but some boiled rice. Sudama was very poor, but even then, Lord Krishna relished the rice his friend had bought for him. The same day, when Sudama returned home, he was astonished to see his small hut transformed into a beautiful and magnificent palace.

Akshaya Tritya, like most festivals in India, brings joy and prosperity to the population. Celebrated with great enthusiasm, it reflects another beautiful color of the diverse culture harbored in the country.