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Nathella jewellery gold rates

Date : 25/June/2019
Pure Gold (24 k)
1 grm : 3461.00
Standard Gold (22 K)
1 grm : 3303.00
Silver 1 Grm : 41.30
Ready Silver (1 Kg) : 41300.00

Renowned jewelry maker Nathella announces shut down

The renowned jewelry shop Nathella Sampath Chetty has announced closure of various outlets in Chennai city, leaving lakhs of its customers dumbstruck. Nathella has rolled out a note in which it has plead for 2-week time period to settle down all the pending dues, further stating that all the payment dues and jewels shall be paid back to customers within a specific time period.
On trying to contact Nathella office, there seems to be no response to calls. However, in the National Consumer Complaint Forum, there have been multiple complaints raised.
Speaking about this, one of the Tambaram residents said she has been promptly paying for the monthly scheme for about 2 years. They are awaiting to receive gold grams from the Tambaram store. It has been 2 weeks since she completed paying for the scheme. On approaching Nathella about the value of gold she is bound to get, the officials seem to have told that she would get silver or diamond rather than gold. Following this, a case is filed against the manager of Nathella Sampath Chetty in Chrompet on account of defrauding Rs 17.57 lakh.

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