Platinum Rates in Hyderabad

Platinum Rate in Hyderabad: Investment and the price trend

Livechennai presents to you today platinum rate in Hyderabad. Here, we provide you the exact today Platinum Price in different forms including 1 gram and 8 grams inHyderabad.

Just like Gold, the price rates of Platinum have also been fluctuating - though with not as much keen monitoring and not as much extent of price variation.

Though not as much popular as gold, there are a lot of people who love to buy Platinum as a form of investment.

  Hyderabad Platinum Rate

Date 1 Gram (Rs) 8 Grams (Rs)
5/December/2022 3584.00 28672.00
4/December/2022 3690.00 29520.00
3/December/2022 3690.00 29520.00
2/December/2022 3641.00 29128.00
1/December/2022 3571.00 28568.00
30/November/2022 3499.00 27992.00
29/November/2022 3499.00 27992.00
28/November/2022 3526.00 28208.00
27/November/2022 3526.00 28208.00

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