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Sofa Sets Module & Price List

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Sofa Sets Module & Price List
Product Name Price
Kurl-on Sofa Set
 Kurl-on Toledo Plus Five Seater Sofa Set 3-1-1  34,964.00 
 Kurl-on Rasa Five Seater Sofa Set 3-1-1  95,997.00 
 Kurl-on Hermosa Five Seater Sofa Set 3-1-1  1,01,997.00 
 Kurl-on Estilo Five Seater Sofa Set 3-1-1  1,16,497.00 
 Kurl-on Aventura Five Seater Sofa Set 3-1-1  1,21,497.00 
 Kurl-on Clase Five Seater Sofa Set 3-1-1  1,55,975.00 
 Kurl-on Robusto Five Seater Sofa Set 3-1-1  1,57,997.00 
FurnitureKraft Jackson Sofa Set
 FurnitureKraft Centerville Three Seater Sofa-Cum-Bed with Mattress  14,299.00 
 FurnitureKraft Jackson Three Seater Futon Sofa-Cum-Bed with Mattress  15,153.00 
 FurnitureKraft Vienna Metal Sofa Set 3-1-1 with Brown Mattress  70,000.00 
HomeTown Sofa Set
 HomeTown Elanza Royale Fab 1 Seater Sofa Olive   13,995.00 
 HomeTown Elanza Royale Fab 2 Seater Sofa Beige  20,900.00 
 HomeTown Martin Single Seater Sofa  22,995.00 
 HomeTown Lopez Half Leather 2 Seater Sofa  31,900.00 
 HomeTown Rosette Royale Sofa Bed  33,995.00 
 Miller Fabric Sofa Three Seater + Two Seater in Grey Combo  35,196.00 
 HomeTown 6000032112001 Lounger  53,063.00 

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