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Guru Peyarchi 2015-2016 - Simham (Leo) Rasi

Guru is at your Rasi (1st Place) and Saturn is at 4th Place called Ardh-ashtama Sani (not a friend house). Lot of challenges need to be faced and it is good in general to move forward. While you are taking loan, first check with other sources and it will help you in financial control. It will still be beneficial as long as you have faith in God.

Guru Peyarchi:

Guru Peyarchi 2015-2016 (5th July 2015/14th July 2015 to August first week 2016 as per Panchangam), Guru is entering into Magha Naksthatra and then Pooram, Uthiram. Guru is moving to Simha (Leo) Rasi and this transition will be a mix of good/bad results in general to all and the world because Saturn is looking into the Simha house and Raaghu is joining Guru from Jan 2016.

Who is Guru?

Jupiter/Brahaspathi/Brahman - He protects all as much as he can and doesn't harm anyone. If we do the karma, as per our GURU's (Acharya's) philosophy, then there would be no constraints for marriage, health or happiness. Make sure you approach the right astrologer. Otherwise you will end up with "general predictions".

Order of Prediction:-

As per my understanding and learnings from different happenings, following should be the order of prediction/prediction flow :-

  • Base Horoscope - Birth Chart
  • Dasa, Bhukthi (Indicates the complete life cycle)
  • Married - Spouse / Children Horoscope, Single - Dasa, Bhukthi to be considered more and saturn/guru transit will impact them a lot.
  • Kocharam (means the current planet position)
  • Saturn (Sani) - (During 7.5, Ashtama, Ardh-ashtama and Saturn Transit - percentage is little more).
  • Jupiter (Guru)
  • Remaining planets transit start from Ketu/Raghu and remaining planets.

The result will be a mix of all 4 and it is difficult to predict just with transit. Some of us will get benefits based on Kocharam (point 4) and others based on the base Horoscope. So one needs to analyze properly.

---Prasanna Venkatesan Kesavan