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Every child is a bundle of energy and potential.

You try doing best for your child for a secured and happy future.

Learn how to help your kids gain an educational advantage during their school years and discover the joy of learning just by playing fun reading, spelling and math games The "Head Start Pack" of 5 CDs teaches the child to enjoy school work with great fun. It caters to the educational needs of children from kindergarten through 5th Standard. The product helps in developing the child's strategic thinking and memory skills with interactive games and puzzles. The packs are equipped with world renowned software, which covers the basic subjects like mathematics, English, EVS, GK and Science. It provides opportunities to promote creativity and imagination which enhances the artistic craft making skills of the child. In addition, it provides opportunities to promote creativity and imagination which enhances the artistic craft making skills of the child.Learning activities are combined with playful animations, sound effects and fun games-all incentives for work well done.

Head Start has been designed with unique progress tracking that allows children to work at their own pace and monitor their achievements. Randomized problems and personalized printouts motivate children as they build confidence for school success.

So finally with Head start Pack, its Easy to grasp and enjoy !!

For Class1

Given below are the various CD-ROM sets available from Class 1 to Class 5 which are suitable for all syllabus, The Set includes CD's on the below mentioned subjects :

English: Nouns, Types of Nouns, Opposites, Adjectives, Verbs, Preposition

Mathematics: Pre-Number concepts, Shapes Numerals 0 to 10, Ordinal Numbers, Addition, addition of two digits, subtraction, Subtraction of two digits, Multiplication, Time and Calendar, Length & weight, Money

Science: Plant life (What is a plant?, leaves & Flowers, Fruits & Vegetables) Animal life (Type of Animals, Other animals, Food & Shelter for animals) Earth & Atmosphere(Air, Water, Weather) Natural environment (The sun, moon & the stars, Major directions) Human Body (Our Body, our senses, food, keep clean & be safe)

EVS: The Family, What the parents do for their children, What children can do for their parents, Fun with the family, Our Food, Our Clothes , Home sweet home, Our school, Our classroom, People who help us, our country and our flag, Good Habits, Safety on the road, Air, Water

GK: Our Earth, Directions. Seasons, people of the world, My Country, Festivals, My Self, My School, Public places, Occupation, Comparisons, Word Puzzle, Good Habits, Visit to the Zoo, Living & Non Living Things, Insects, Identify the Birds, Animals, My Body & Senses, Electric Appliances

For Class2

English: The Letters are lost, Noun, Verbs, sentence, I am made up of , Articles, Gender, word Puzzles, Singular & Plural, Adjectives

Mathematics: Before & After, Greater than, Less than Equal to, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Indian Money, Time, Days of the Week, Weight

Science: Plant Life(Plants around us, Uses of plants), Animal Kingdom(Animal Life, Wild Animals, Domestic Animals, Air & Water (Air, Water) Materials, Matter, Universe(What things are made up of, Rocks, the Earth, Sun Moon & Stars, Shadows, Human Body (Bones & Muscles, Our Food, Healthy way of Eating

EVS: Family, The Food we eat, The Clothes we wear, Our Houses, Our Neighbours, Our Neighbourhood, Places of worship, Joys of Festivals-I&II, National Festivals, Directions, Time, Means of Transport, Means of Communication, Safely at Home & Outside, The Earliest Discoveries, Mahatma Gandhi

GK: Our Earth, Early Man Capitals, World Personalities, Indian Languages, National Symbols, Worship, Important Dates, Agriculture, Comparatives, Pairs, Jumbled Letters, Class Names, Occupations, Trade Names, Abbreviations, Animals-I&II, Birds, Human Body, Different Tastes, Tools, The Calendar, Fun with Maths, The World of Sports

For Class3

English: Sensible Sentences, Parts of Sentence, Phrase, Verbs, Word Puzzles, Gender, Singular, Plural, Adjectives, Adverbs, Degree of Comparisons, Countable & Uncountable Nouns, Articles, Similar & Opposites, Actions, Collective Nouns, Noun Stranger

Mathematics: Number of Facts, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Fraction, Time Facts, Geometry

Science: Plant Life (living & Nonliving, Shoot & Root, Stem & Leaf, Flowers, Fruits & Seeds, Animal Life (Eating Habit of Animals, Birds& their Bodies, Feet & Claws of Birds, Nesting Habits of Birds, The Human Body (The Sense of Organs, Digestive System, Excretory System, Breathing System, Circulatory System, Safety & First Aid, Air, Water & Seasons (Air, water, seasons),The Solar System (The shape of the Earth, Rotation, revolution of the earth, The Sun, The Stars, The Moon, Rocks & Minerals(Rocks & Minerals, Soil, Types of Soil, Importance of the Soil , Our Environment (Environment & Air Pollution, Water Pollution, Air & Water Pollution in villages

EVS: The Earth, Continents & oceans, our Country India, the States of India, Our Food, Our Clothes, Our Festivals, Our Occupations, Village Panchayats & Municipal Committees, Our Important Matropolises, Life of the Early man-I

GK: Our earth, International Capitals, Languages of the World, Countries & Currencies, Wonders of the World, The Superlatives, The Sobriquets, India-States & capitals, Union Territories and Capitals, languages of India, Highest, Longest, biggest: India, The famous Places In India, Hill Stations of India, Famous Personalities of India, Nick Names, Analogy Relationship, Missing Letters, Proverbs, People Who Help us, Special Books, Animals & their Homes, Homophones, Name Them, Abbreviations, Some Common Instruments, Inventors & Inventions, Know your Body, Pick the Champs, Plants-Parts used as Food, Weather Report, States of Matter, Young & Adult, Days & Year, International Games & sports

For Class4

English: Questions & Statements, Asking Questions, Capable Nouns, Collective Nouns, Verbs, Similar words, Pronoun, Verbs & Participles, Tenses, Active & Passive Voice, Adverbs, Conjunction, People & Professions, Subject, Predicate

Mathematics: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Unitary Method, decimals, Metric System, Money, Geometry, Roman Numerals

Science: Plant Life(Adaptation in Plants, Land Plants, Preparation of Food by Plants, Leaves contain Starch, Animal Life(Adaptation of Animals to the Habitat, Adaptation for Food, Adaptation for Protection, Reproduction in Animals, The Human Body(Proteins to grow, Carbohydrates for Quick Energy, Fats, Vitamins & Minerals, Cooking Food, digestion of Food, Safety & First Aid(Safety at Home, Safety at School, Safety on the Road, Clothes, Air, Water & Weather(What Causes the Wind to Blow, What Causes Land, Sea Breeze, What Causes Clouds can Rain, The Earth's Water (Our Universe), The Stars and The Sun, The Solar System, The Rotation of the Earth, The Revolution of the Earth, Matter(Matter, States of Matter, Change of State, Solutions, Force, Work & Energy, Force & Kinds of Forces, Work, Energy, Sources of Energy

EVS: The Northern Mountains,The Northern Plains, The Western Desert, the Southern Plateaus, The Coastal Plains & Islands, the Climate in our Country, Our Forests, Our Water Resources, Our Mineral Wealth, Our Livestock, Our Human Resources, Our Agriculture & Industries & Sending Messages, Our Culture & Heritage, Our Government, our Bond of Oneness

GK: The Earth, What is the universe? Countries & Capitals, Countries & Currencies, Famous Places in the World, Geography, Deserts of the World, Countries & people, Indian Constitution, Indian Panorama,Find the Place, Dates & Events, Important Days, Books & Authors, Group Names, Truth of Science, Birds. Inventions, Name of the Study, Mathematic Quiz, Famous Sports Personalities

For Class5

English: Adjectives, Riddles, Verbs, Articles, Prepositions, Conjunctions, Adverbs. Collective Nouns, Question Tag, Writing Questions, Tense in "If" Sentences

Mathematics: Whole Numbers & their Propertied, Fractions & Decimal Fractions, Brackets & the "BODMAS" Rule, Ratio, Percentage, Average, Profit & Loss, Simple Interest, Distance, Time & Speed, Area & Volume, Geometry

Science: Plant Life (Reproduction of Plants, Dispersal of Seeds, Crops, Animal Life( Different Body Coverings, Different Eating Habits, Different Methods of Breathing, Different Methods of Moving, Rock, Soil & Material (Rocks, Types of Rocks, Soil Formation & Soil Erosion, Soil Conservation, Human Body (The Skeleton System, The Muscular System, The Nervous System, The Sense Organs, Food & Health (Nutrients, Infectious Diseases, Spread of Infectious Diseases, Deficiency Diseases, Machine, Force Energy (Simple Machines, Weight & Volume, Floating & Sinking, Archimedes Principle, The Universe (Conditions on the moon, Phases of the moon, Eclipses, Artificial Satellites, Safety and Environment (Accidents, First Aid, Fire)

EVS: The Globe, Maps, The Reasons For Varied Climates, Zaire-Land of Dense Forests, Greenland-Land of Ice & Snow, Saudi Arabia-Land of Hot Sands, Grasslands of Temperature Zone, Conquering, Distances, Communication, The World of Growing Knowledge, living Longer Healthier lives, The Age of Machines, Some Persons Who never Die, The Birth of the United Nations, How the Untitled Nations Work, India & United Nations, The British Raj & Revolt of 1857, The Beginning of the Struggle, Gandhiji Leads the Nation

GK: Solar System-I&II, Capitals, Famous Personalities of the World, Famous Monuments of the World, Famous Rivers of the World, Geography-I&II, Important Places of Indian, Highest, Largest, Longest, Biggest-India, The First in Some Field, Irrigation & Multipurpose Projects, Sanctuaries/National Parks, Symbols, History of India, More About Books, Idioms, Languages of the World, Abbreviations, General Science, Animals, Birds, Scientists & their Discoveries, Space, The World of Sports, Olympic Games