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Bengaluru Petrol Price (20/Jun/2024)

Petrol and Diesel Price in Bengaluru : Live Chennai present to you today Petrol and Diesel in Bengaluru. Current, Latest Petrol / Diesel Price in Bengaluru.Get the Latest Bengaluru Petrol / diesel price. Also find historical Petrol prices in Bengaluru.

Bengaluru Petrol and Diesel Price
Rate is applicable from 6.00 AM
Bengaluru Petrol Price
Date Price (Rs/Ltr)
20/June/2024 99.84
19/June/2024 99.84
18/June/2024 99.84
17/June/2024 99.84
16/June/2024 99.84
15/June/2024 99.84
14/June/2024 99.84
13/June/2024 99.84
12/June/2024 99.84
11/June/2024 99.84
Bengaluru Diesel Price
Date Price (Rs/Ltr)
20/June/2024 85.93
19/June/2024 85.93
18/June/2024 85.93
17/June/2024 85.93
16/June/2024 85.93
15/June/2024 85.93
14/June/2024 85.93
13/June/2024 85.93
12/June/2024 85.93
11/June/2024 85.93

The reason for the everyday petrol price change

It is primarily due to the change in the petrol prices in the global Markets.Depending upon the various factors such as demand for the oil and importing charges, export charges and much more the petrol price in Bengaluru is fixed. Demand for petrol is increasing day-by-day!

The situation and the trends

At the same time, the number of vehicles is increasing. The statistics show that the number of vehicles increased with the increase in the population. Top oil companies such as Indian Oil take various aspects such as duties and charges into consideration and give a new price every day. Within the state for every different city, the price will be slightly different due to various tolls and charges.Currently, petrol prices are being revised at 6 am every morning. It would be advisable to look for a change in petrol prices daily in Bengaluru. It is likely that the daily revision in petrol prices would be only for a few paise. However, if you are also filling large amounts, a small revision could also mean a lot. So, it is imperative to check the daily petrol prices in Bengaluru, before you fill petrol in your vehicles.

These prices are revised largely based on what the situation in the global markets is. So, when international crude oil prices jump, petrol prices in Bengaluru to rally. You can now check the daily petrol prices in Bengaluru on our website.

Petrol Rates in Bengaluru

In the earlier practice, the petrol price in India used to change monthly twice from the first and sixteenth of every month. This is when oil companies were facing difficulties to change the price due to various issues.However, with changing times and trends, the petrol rates in Bengaluru changes on a daily basis. This is called 'dynamic fuel pricing'.

The increase and the decrease in the petrol price in Bengaluru will now depend on the crude oil price in the international market.