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Existing low depression: Rains likely in Tamil Nadu

Posted on: 20/Nov/2015 2:30:36 PM
The Director of Chennai Meteorological Centre, Mr. Ramanan, informed that there would be wide-spread rains throughout Tamil Nadu due to the low pressure depression zone formed near Lakshadweep.

Mr. Ramanan informed that the depression formed over South Andhra, Bay of Bengal has gone away. The convection formed in the upper strata has now moved towards west and settled near Lakshadweep in the form of depression zone. Because of this, it had rained heavily in several places throughout Tamil Nadu and Pudhucherry.

As for today, Friday, 20th November, it will rain in several places in Tamil Nadu and Pudhucherry. There would be heavy rains in the regions adjacent to Western Hill Range. Heavy rains are expected in districts like Coimbatore, Ooty, Valparai, and Theni.

Only depression, if formed in Bay of Bengal near Sri Lanka, there would be heavy rains in Tamil Nadu.

Currently, there is a low pressure zone over Arabian Sea near Lakshadweep. Though it is in Arabian Sea, there is a likelihood of Tamil Nadu absorbing the humid air from Bay of Bengal. Because of this, there is a likelihood of rains in the regions adjacent to the Western Hill Range.

Mr. Ramanan informed that the expected normal rainfall during Northeast Monsoon is 44 cm. So far, 39.3 cm of rainfall has been received.. Hence, there are bright prospects of this year`s Northeast monsoon bringing more rainfall than average.

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