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Rainfall Affects Aavin Supply

Posted on: 17/Nov/2015 11:12:05 AM
Due to heavy rain showers, the supply of Aavin milk is largely affected in the city on Monday. While in few places, there was delay in supply, other places received no milk at all.
Aavin sources claim that the milk packets were dispatched to customers in spite of the hardships caused by waist-depth water stagnation. However, owing to water logging at supply points, there were delays in dispatching the milk to households. S.A. Ponnusamy, the State President of Tamil Nadu Milk Retailers Welfare Association states that the vendors and retailers somehow made their way to supply milk to customers regardless of water logging on roads, there however was a delay, he added.
One of the residents at Besant Nagar says government need to ensure proper commitment of field staff at Aavin who ought to supply milk even during crisis situation like the monsoon.

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