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STOP Using Facebook if You Need a Happier Life

Posted on: 17/Nov/2015 11:28:58 AM
Are you struggling to focus on your life and being envious with a non-existent social life?The sole reason for all these struggles may be the Facebook you use! According to a recent study, refraining from social media for a week will set you happier than others.
The research was carried out by the Happiness Research Institute. It involved studying more than 1,095 people in Denmark. The population was split into two groups - a group that continued using Facebook and the other one which refrained from doing so.
Stating about the reason for choosing Facebook among all social media sites, Meik Wking, the Chief Executive of HIR`s said this is the most used social media site across age groups.
After a course of one week, those who refrained from Facebook said they enjoyed better life with increased satisfaction levels. 88% of them said they are happy while there were just 81% of them who were found happy in the other group that continued using the social media.
84 percent of them said they appreciate their lives while there were just 75 percent of the other Facebook using group who enjoyed the same. There were just 12 percent of them (belonging to first group who did not use Facebook) who said they were dissatisfied in life, whereas 20 percent of the other group saying the same.

The abstainers stated that they enjoyed better social life and lesser difficulties in concentrating on their works, whereas there was no such change observed with the other group. The author of the study wrote that the Facebook users were more focused on the belongings and life of others rather than focusing on their own needs.

Putting it in simple words, those who use Facebook are 39 percent likely to feel less happy compared to non-users of Facebook.

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