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Sanyo Camera model & Price List

Sanyo Camera
Product Name Price (Rs)
 Sanyo Xacti VPC-S885 3,940.00 
 Sanyo VPC-S880 4,000.00 
 Sanyo Xacti VPC-E890 5,120.00 
 Sanyo Xacti VPC-E1085 5,130.00 
 Sanyo VPC-T850 5,140.00 
 Sanyo Xacti VPC-S1275 5,600.00 
 Sanyo Xacti VPC-E1090 5,610.00 
 Sanyo Xacti VPC-E1075 5,650.00 
 Sanyo Xacti VPC-E870 5,970.00 
 Sanyo Xacti VPC-X1200 6,150.00 
 Sanyo VPC S 750 6,540.00 
 Sanyo VPC S870 6,740.00 
 Sanyo  Xacti VPC-T1284 7,070.00 
 Sanyo VPC S760 7,440.00 
 Sanyo VPC-E7 9,310.00 
 Sanyo Xacti S7 10,420.00 
 Sanyo VPC-S70 13,240.00 

Last updated - March 2024

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