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Projectors Price List

Projectors Price List
Sony Projectors Price List
Detailed Configuration Price (Rs)
Sony MP-CD1 105 lm Mobile Projector Portable Projector 26,299.00
Sony MP-CL1A Portable HD Wifi Mobile Projector 74,999.00
Sony VPL-DX241 3300 Lumens LCD Projector 40,460.00
Sony VPL-DX220 LCD Projector 34,012.00
Sony VPL-HW40ES LCD 3D Home Cinema Projector 1,89,900.00
Epson Projectors Price List
Epson EB-X05 DLP Projector 34,499.00
Epson EB-S41 3300 lumens DLP Projector 27,999.00
Epson EB-X04 1080p Full HD LCD Projector 38,594.00
Epson EH-TW5300 Cinema Projector 75,888.00
Epson EH-TW6600 3D Home Projector 1,20,000.00
Infocus Projectors Price List
Infocus IN124 DLP Projector 38,500.00
Infocus (IN3138HD) Full HD DLP Projector 2,61,017.00
Infocus (IN-2116) 3000 Lumens DLP Projector 1,91,700.00
Infocus (IN-3148HD) 5000 Lumens Full HD DLP Projector 1,57,021.00
Infocus IN119HDxa Full HD DLP Projector 1,11,148.00
Acer Projectors Price List
Acer C200 200 Lumens LED Projector 20,299.00
Acer X118H SVGA 3D Ready DLP Projector 25,499.00
Acer X1173N Projector 28,500.00
Acer X1123H 3600 lumens DLP Projector 26,499.00
Acer C120 Projector 71,346.00
Other Brand Projectors Price List
EGate P531 Android LED projector 18,990.00
EGate EG I9A Portable LED Projector 6,291.00
ViviBright GP70 800 Lumens Corded Portable Projector 6,099.00
Unic UC36 1080p Full HD LED Projector 5,162.00
BenQ W1070 Projector 93,999.00

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