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Samsung Camera model & Price List

Samsung Camera
Product Name Price (Rs)
 Samsung PL60 3,990.00 
 Samsung ES30 4,300.00 
 Samsung ST72 4,599.00 
 Samsung PL120 7,499.00 
 Samsung DV100 7,650.00 
 Samsung WB35F 7,999.00 
 Samsung MV800 9,589.00 
 Samsung DV300F 10,190.00 
 Samsung Smart WB200F 10,749.00 
 Samsung Gear 360 16,490.00 
 Samsung SL820 19,639.00 
 Samsung NX2000 34,990.00 
 Samsung NX1000 Mirrorless 47,152.00 
 Samsung NX Mini 59,246.00 
 Samsung NX1100 60,808.00 
 Samsung WB50F 79,915.00 
 Samsung CL65 83,304.00 
 Samsung WB850F 1,04,096.00 
 Samsung Smart NX30 1,11,713.00 

Last updated - March 2024

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