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Three years of non-stop work without leave - TN Govt schools with a single teacher - Whats happening?


Posted on : 22/Jun/2022 9:17:53 AM

To increase the students strength in the government schools, the TN government has been trying many things is a well known fact. It is now revealed that many parents think twice about enrolling their kids in the government schools that has got a single teacher. The shocking truth is that as many as 3800 primary schools in TN just function with a single teacher.

In Tamil Nadu, there were 2631 one-teacher schools in 2021 and this was brought to light by a report from UNESCO. According to M. Manimegalai, president, TN Primary Schools Teachers Association, it was difficult for a single teacher to handle 5 subjects and teach 5 subjects in each class.

Parents belonging to the most economically backward section have been showing lots of interest in sending their kids to the schools but the one-teacher system has been making them think twice before admitting their kids in these schools. 

Parents were unsatisfied with one-teachers handling many classes teaching various subjects. It is obvious that parents enrol their kids in some far away schools or wait till the next academic year to enrol their kids. More teachers for each primary school in TN are the need of the hour.

It has been confirmed by some sources that the Vembakkam panchayat union of Tiruvannamalai has 30 schools that have been functioning with just a single teacher for many years. Information gathered is that in Tiruvallur alone there are 63 schools with just a single teacher to handle many classes and 17 such schools are present in Minjur

For the last 10 years, there were 10 single teacher schools and this was confirmed by some sources from the Pallipattu panchayat union of Tiruvallur.

As per a primary school teacher in Pallipattu it was confirmed that for the last 3 years she has been working continuously without taking break or leave. She added that because of fewer students she was able to manage her workload. 

Point is that there are several schools with just a single teacher for 40 students also. The school education minister had announced about appointing more than 9000 teachers for the schools but no initiative has been taken till now.



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