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Tracking students progress from elementary to higher secondary levels in TN schools

Posted on: 21/Jan/2022 9:16:18 AM
Experts have been hired to create assessment cells in each school in TN!!

It is worthy to mention here that in a first the TN government have hired experts to create assessment cells in the schools comprising teachers for tracking the students progress from elementary to their higher secondary levels. Point is that the appointed experts would help the assessment panel analyze the learning process and identify concepts that students belonging to the classes 1 to 12 in government schools and government aided schools in TN find difficult to understand. In more than 450000 government schools in TN involving 66 lakhs students and more than 3 lakhs teachers would be taking part.

It was later mentioned by a senior officer belonging to the school education department that assessments are the most foolproof way of tracking a student`s progress. By this, the quality of appraisals would become better and it would empower the government school teachers and students to create localized assessments. It is worthy to note that the data collected from assessments is analyzed and it would drive the decision making process at zonal, block, district and state level.

For every subject and grade, a team of content specialists would be working under the SCERT and school teachers would be guiding them. Information is that the questions would be prepared by the teachers and for each question the experts would ensure the quality of the question, answer choices, competency, appropriateness, difficult levels etc. in both English as well as in Tamil language, the questions would be present and would not be similar to test pattern.