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How to rightly handle eye irritants?


Posted on : 05/Dec/2018 19:08:08

When there is something stuck in our eye, it is going to be highly irritating, yes. Thats not so easy to take the dust off your eyes! Those few minutes of struggle to take the dirt off is going to be irksome. Have you ever faced the situation? Perhaps, when you go back to home after tiring day work, passing through the polluted roads and locale. When something bothers your eyes. When there is something hindering your vision. What do you do then? The first thing you will involuntarily do is rub your eyes using your fingers, aiming to take off the irritant. Well, wait, what you generally do is really dangerous and absolutely not recommended at all. So, what are you allowed to ideally do? Read on to know: 

Fingers are strictly no

Poking your eyes even for a very minute dust must have become your practice. No, dont! Remember that we live in a space with a lot of dirt around us. So, with poking your eyes intending to take off the dirt, you actually add up to the dirt that is already present within. And you allow germs to enter too. That is why using your fingers is a strict no. Also, you are not supposed to rub your eyes at all. By doing so, you may mistakenly scratch the cornea. Furthermore, never seek the help of a cotton swab or tweezer to take off the dirt or irritant.

What can you do?

Here is the right solution. When you get something stuck in your eyes, keep in mind that our body is highly intellectual! It knows what it wants and what it doesnt want! It considers the dirt as an alien object and tends to remove it off! The eyelash is designed in such a way that it can auto-clean itself. However, to get rid of the irritant, wash your eyes with fresh water. Thorough fresh water washing will definitely help instantly. There is no need of saline drops or others of the same kind. Clean, pure, water will suffice. This is the ideal solution also for those who wear contact lenses.

Note that at times you may feel irritated eyes even when there is no dirt or particles disturbing your eyes. This sensation of irritation is called foreign body sensation caused by dry eye. At times, there may also be slight eye scratch which will automatically vanish in a day, and you may presume it to be an irritant. There may also be eyelid inflammation causing irritation in eyes.

Washing your face every time you get back to home can keep your eyes instantly clean and avoid such irritating situations.