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Posted on : 16/Feb/2010 12:53:07 AM


Confederation of Indian Industries has demanded infrastructure status for health sector, claiming that this will generate investments in to hospital, production of medical equipments. In corollary this will trigger generation of millions of jobs in the industry. In their pre budget proposal to the Union Finance Minister The C I I has  put the investment requirements for industry at $ 80 billion. The C II has demanded 10 year tax benefit for the health sector as is enjoyed by infrastructure Industries. According to Dr Reddy Chairman Apollo Hospitals, the immediate challenge is increasing bed to population ratio and also to improve the quality of paramedical personnel. He avers that there is a huge shortage and is required increase by one lakh bed annually, which requires investment of Rs 50000 Crore. Further Dr Reddy said that India needed more than 15 lakh doctors, 20 lakh nurses and a million of paramedics.




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