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Lunar Eclipse - 2018

The largest-scale lunar eclipse is set to occur on Friday, 27th July. The experts have informed that this lunar eclipse can be seen with naked eyes.
As per the Indian Standard Time, the lunar eclipse commences at 11.54 PM (Friday, 27th July). The full eclipse occurs in a gradual process starting early morning on Saturday (28th July) at 1.00 AM and concludes early morning 2.43 AM.
Subsequently, the part-lunar eclipse will conclude at 3.49 AM.
This full-scale lunar eclipse is scheduled to last 102 minutes. This is the longest lunar eclipse in this century. This can be viewed on naked eyes without any harmful effects.
The Birla Planetarium has made arrangements for the public and the students to have a direct view of the rare lunar eclipse via telescopes. 5 telescopes have been set up for this.
The next large-scale eclipse of this magnitude will occur on 25th July in the year 2029. The duration of the lunar eclipse on this occasion is also 102 minutes.
In a similarly rare occurrence, the planet Mars is supposed to be the nearest to Earth on the same day on Friday, 27th July.

Event UTC Time Time in Chennai
Penumbral Eclipse begins 31 Jan, 10:51:13 31 Jan, 16:21:13
First location to see the partial eclipse begin 15 Feb, 18:55:51 16 Feb, 00:25:51
Penumbral Eclipse begins 27 Jul, 22:44 28 Jul, 04:58

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