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Surprising health benefits of sweating during the summer season!!

Posted on: 17/Apr/2024 9:16:05 AM

If you feel totally uncomfortable when you sweat, then you are not alone!!

It is true that we normally don`t want to sweat as it would make us highly uncomfortable due to the bad smell we get. Sweating would make us use handkerchiefs frequently plus it would make our clothes drenched etc. Not many of us would know that sweating during summers could be highly beneficial to us. Sound`s surprising right!!

Sweating especially during hot summers would help us to cool down plus it would help us to bolster our health and well being etc in many ways.

There are many surprising health benefits we could get due to sweating during the summer season. They are

Natural cooling system:

It must be noted that sweating is our body`s innate air-conditioning system. Our bodies would release moisture to the skin surface through sweat glands when the temperature rises. Point is that when the moisture evaporates it carries away the heat and thereby reduces our body temperature. By this, overheating would be avoided during the sultry summer months and it would help us to engage in physical activities without getting sunstroke etc.

Detoxification & purification:

It is known that detoxification is a process that is present in both ancient as well as modern health trends etc. Truth is that sweating is a way of detoxification. Not only sweating helps us to cool down but it would also help in the removal of toxins etc from our bodies. It is believed that cholesterol, salts etc would be removed through sweating.

Immune system booster:

For us to be healthy, our immune system must be good. Sweating boosts our immune system to a huge extent.  The antimicrobial peptides present in sweat would be effective against viruses, bacteria and fungi etc. Dermcidin, a peptide present in sweat, would fight harmful pathogens etc. We could get protection from many infections etc especially in the hot summer seasons by sweating.

Lowers stress:

It is believed that physical activities like exercise etc that lead to sweating would be responsible for the release of happy hormones or endorphins. Fact is that the endorphins would result in stress reduction by creating a state of euphoria with a positive outlook. By this, our health would become better and overall well being would be promoted.

Improved skin health:

There exists a direct relation between sweating and skin health. We would not get blackheads and acne etc when we sweat well.  This is mainly due to the fact that by opening pores, sweating would help to flush out dirt, oil etc. Our skin elasticity and tone etc would become better by sweating that is naturally hydrating.

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