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Parents must avoid giving these foods with hidden sugar content to their kids!!

Posted on: 16/Apr/2024 9:10:33 AM

Parents provide their kids with all types of foods to make their kids happy. There are many parents who are not aware of the fact that certain high sugary foods like sweets, cakes, biscuits etc would lead to health issues like obesity, diabetes etc in their kids. Therefore, it is important for the parents to give those foods that would be good for their kid`s health.

Various high sugary foods that parents must not give their kids are

Breakfast cereals:

These foods come in various designs and attract many. Truth is that these breakfast cereals have lots of added sugars in them. Hence, parents must read the labels carefully and select foods that have lesser amounts of added sugars.

Flavoured yoghurts:

Though they might be nutritious snacks, they have high sugar content. Parents must avoid yoghurt with fruit flavours as they would have added sugars. It would be good to give plain yoghurt and later use fresh fruits to sweeten it.

Fruit juices:

The fruit juices might look healthy but they have lots of sugar in them. It must be noted that naturally occurring sugars even in 100% fruit juices would result in over consumption of sugars. Parents must encourage their kids to eat whole fruits instead of fruit juices.

Granola bars:

It is important to note that granola bars might have lots of sugar, especially high fructose corn syrup etc. Therefore, it is important for the parents not to provide these to their kids for the sake of their health.


Ketchups, barbecue sauce and other condiments etc have lots of added sugars in them. Parents could prepare their own healthier substitutes and provide to their kids.

Packaged foods etc:

Not many parents know that packaged foods such as fruit snacks, crackers and other snacks etc would have lots of sugars. Parents must read the labels and choose foods with less sugar content.

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