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Never eat watermelons in excess due to these important reasons!!

Posted on: 18/Apr/2024 9:11:07 AM

Summer season and watermelon intake are closely related!!

There is a huge need for us to eat cooling foods now as this is the peak summer time. It is well known that the best cooling food is watermelon. Belonging to the cucurbitaceae family, water melons are highly delicious fruit and have 92pecent water content in them. What is unique about watermelon is that it is both fruit as well as vegetable. There are many ingredients present in watermelon such as vitamin A, B6 and C plus potassium, lycopene etc. It is true that eating watermelons would be beneficial for your health. We must not eat watermelons in excess amounts as it might lead to many health issues in us.

Health issues due to excess consumption of watermelons are

Digestive problems:

Water melons have both water content as well as dietary fibres. When we eat this fruit in excess amounts, then we might get digestive issues like diarrhoea, gas, bloating etc. The presence of sorbitol, a sugar compound in this fruit, would lead to loose stools. In addition, the pigmented antioxidant lycopene would also trigger a few problems.

Increase in blood sugar levels:

Those who are diabetic must be careful and they must not watermelons in excess amounts. The reason is that it might increase blood sugar levels. Point is that watermelon has a high glycemic index or GI of 72.

Chances of liver inflammation:

Persons who consume alcohol regularly must not eat watermelons in excess. The presence of high levels of lycopene in this fruit would react with alcohol and this would lead to liver inflammation. It is worthy to note that excessive oxidative stress on the liver is harmful.

Lead to over hydration etc:

The presence of excess amounts of water in our body could lead to loss of sodium and this condition is termed as over hydration or water intoxication etc. The level of water in our body would increase when we eat watermelons. There would be an increase in the blood volume if excess water is not excreted.

Lead to cardiovascular issues:

The presence of potassium in watermelons is superb and it would keep the body healthy. Various benefits of potassium are it would maintain electrolyte function plus keeps heart healthy and makes our bones etc stronger. Point is that too much potassium could lead to irregular heartbeat, weak pulse rate etc.

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