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World Kidney Day on 11th March!

Posted on: 04/Mar/2023 11:33:56 AM
World Kidney Day is celebrated every year on 11th March.

With the joint efforts of the International Society of Nephrology and the International Federation of Kidney Foundations, World Kidney Day is celebrated on 11th March from the year 2006.

World Kidney Day is celebrated to create awareness that complaints of diabetes, high blood pressure, taking analgesic tablets and dehydration will lead to prolonged kidney diseases.

Kidneys perform the vital function of removing unwanted items refuse from the body through urine. Sometimes, the consumption of the wrong food items and medicines and the toxic elements severely affect the functioning of the kidneys. This leads to the formation of stones in the kidneys and also increases the prospect of being affected with kidney cancer! If the severity of the disease increases, it may lead sometimes to the failure of kidneys!

To prevent the risk of the above, certain precautionary actions need to be taken. Especially, more care has to be taken regarding the food items consumed! NOTE THAT EXCESSIVE CONSUMPTION OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES WILL LEAD TO MALFUNCTIONING OF KIDNEYS! THIS HABIT MAY ALSO AFFECT THE BRAIN AS WELL!

The sodium in the salt consumed combines with Potassium and maintains the correct liquid level in the body!

However, if excessive salt is consumed, this will create additional stress on the kidneys. As red meat is rich in protein, which is very essential for the growth of tissues and muscles. However, the process of metabolism is a complicated one. This will cause severe stress on the kidneys. The protein in red meat may lead to the formation of kidney stones.

 As such, taking certain precautionary actions as above will PREVENT KINEYS GETTING AFFECTED!