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TRAI: Display of callers name on the cell soon!!

Posted on: 16/Nov/2022 4:45:28 PM
The Telephone Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has announced that the display of the caller`s name will be introduced soon!

Information is gathered that TRAI is planning to introduce a new rule to the Mobile Service Companies that all calls must display the name of the caller as well!

It is learnt that TRAI is reviewing and analyzing this proposal and after the detailed review, TRAI plans to contact all the Mobile Service Companies to impose the new rule that the caller`s name MUST be displayed.

Presently, to identify the caller`s name, there are many facilities including True Caller. As such, once the above rule is implemented, similar Apps may not be required anymore!

Information is gathered that TRAI has informed that as KYC details are received from the user, it is possible to display the caller`s name quite easily and as such, all mobile service companies MUST IMPLEMENT THIS FACILITY!