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Fantastic news!! This new ride hailing app in Chennai will solve the issues of many passengers!!


Posted on : 16/Nov/2022 5:34:17 PM

The hike in the charges by the private cab aggregators for travelling in the cabs in Chennai has been creating many issues for the passengers. Now, a new ride hailing app termed inDrive has come out to help the passengers in Chennai. 

It is now revealed that this global set your own price app promises that the fares for travelling in the cabs do not depend on weather or traffic etc.

In this new in Drive app, the passengers would be able to offer their price and immediately counter offer would be received from the nearby drivers. It is worthy to note that with this new ride app the drivers have the right to decide for themselves which ride suits them the best and then they could suggest their own prices. 

It is known that most of the riding apps would have a pre-established algorithm but in this new riding hailing app inDrive allows both passengers and drivers to have freedom of choice.

Depending on the driver`s ETA or estimated time of arrival, price, vehicle model etc, the passengers receiving multiple offers can decide their pick. In the same way, the cab drivers will be able to pick their rides based on price, distance,pick-up location, ratings of passengers etc.This was pointed out by Mr. Pavit Nanda Anand, South Asia PR Manager inDrive. 

He then spoke about how the number of active drivers in Chennai was growing at rapid pace and how thousands of drivers have registered with them. Information is that the drivers are highly experienced and have completed their documents verification process fully.

Superb advantages for the passengers when they use inDrive are booking rides with short waiting time, no elevated fares at peak hours etc. Safety measures like real time location sharing, emergency button at hand etc are also available. 



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