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Huge relief for the residents of Chennai now regarding booking cab, auto etc thru Mobile app!!

Posted on: 26/Oct/2022 9:44:35 AM
This piece of news would make many passengers who regularly use cabs, autos and bikes etc for their travel in Chennai delighted!!

The news is that If the drivers of cabs, autos and bikes cancel the booked ride, then the passengers would be able to file a complaint about these drivers with the transport department. Recently, the TN govt grabbed many eyeballs when it revised the traffic violation spot fines. The drivers of cabs and other vehicles would be fined Rs 500 under the section 178 (3) (b) of the Motor Vehicles Act 1988.

It must be taken into note that while auto drivers and bike drivers refusing to carry passengers would have to pay a fine of Rs 50 under the Section 178 (3) (a) of the Motor Vehicles Act 1988.

For a long time, app based aggregators have not been taking any action against the drivers of cabs or aotos etc despite many complaints from the commuters against these app based aggregators.

Point is that if the passenger chooses payment other than cash for the ride, then the drivers of cabs, autos etc would cancel the bookings immediately. It is true that the drivers of cabs, autos and bikes also cancel rides to certain places in Chennai. These have been creating issues for many frequent travellers in Chennai.

According to a resident from east Tambaram in southern Chennai it was a huge inconvenience when the drivers of cabs or autos do not come to the pick  up points at night. The resident was unhappy regarding the fact that there was no  mechanism to check the practice of cancelling the ride after asking about the destination of mode of payments etc.

Hereafter, the drivers of cabs, autois etc would think twice before cancelling the ride if they get penalised by the transport department.

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