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Super offer from Greater Chennai Corporation: if Property Tax is paid before 15th October!

Posted on : 05/Oct/2022 2:29:57 PM

The GCC has announced that for property owners who pay the second half of the Property Tax for the year before 15th October, there will be a 5% discount!

The Greater Chennai Corporation has undertaken several initiatives to encourage property-owning citizens who pay on time!

Further, GCC has announced that the 2% penalty for failure to pay the recently announced revised Property Tax for the first half of 2022-23 will be withdrawn!

Not only for those who have failed to pay on time but even those who fail to pay the Property Tax before 15th October will also be given a concession NOT to pay any penalty!

The above decision was taken during the Greater Chennai Corporation Council meeting last week. It was reported that 6.90 Lakhs property owners have paid the Property Tax so far and 6.25 Lakhs property owners are still to pay the Property Tax!

So far, 12300 petitions have been received against the revised property tax and out of these, the issue has been resolved n 10000 petitions.

It has been announced that as the Property Tax was revised upwards this year, the penalty has been withdrawn. However, if there are delays in paying the Property Tax due for the second half of the year, this penalty WILL NOT BE withdrawn!



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