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Surprising info regarding the deluge like situation this time in Chennai??

Posted on: 05/Oct/2022 4:32:55 PM
The TN PWD or Public Works Department is now on war footing to complete the SWD or storm water drains work before the onset of monsoon. It is well known that the NE monsoon would lash the state at the end of October month.

The SWD works have been progressing at a good speed and almost 90% of the work has been completed till now. This was according to a senior officer belonging to PWD. He then explained that a deluge-like situation would not happen in Chennai and in other places in TN in this monsoon season. In the last year during the monsoon season, many places were inundated is a known fact.

On a war footing, PWD is conducting repair as well as maintenance works for the SWD present in Chennai plus in other districts like Madurai, Trichy, Dindigul, Coimbatore, Salem, Erode, Tirunelveli and in several other districts in the state. To complete the SWD works without any error and in the stipulated time period, TN govt has deputed the concerned chief engineers and superintending engineers etc

It must not be forgotten that in 2021 during monsoon many towns in TN including Chennai were under water and the people had to be shifted to the relief camps on war footing. To prevent any inundation in this monsoon season, TN govt has sanctioned funds to PWD to complete SWD works.

According to Mr. K.R. Mukundraj, scientist cum social activist it was clear that PWD would have to work in a meticulous and planned manner and must ensure that all water channels are free from blockage. In addition, PWD must also complete all the SWD works. By this, there would not be any issue during the monsoons. Mr. E.V. Velu,  minister of public works, revealed that SWD works were almost completed and there would not be any complaints in the monsoon season.