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Books from Across the world at Bookchor’s Bookfair

Posted on: 09/May/2022 3:02:02 PM
This is a fantastic opportunity for readers to bring home new reads!

Bookchor.com is hosting LockTheBox Reloaded Bookfair in Chennai. This is the most popular Book Fair event in the country, and is going at VIJAYA MAHAL T NAGAR CHENNAI until May 15th.

This is a unique concept of spreading readership across the country where you don’t need to pay for individual books, you just pay for a box and carry home all the books you can fit in it. Not limited by the number of books and genre, you can explore over a million books during this event, as communicated by Mr. Nikhil Verma – Business Development Manager at Bookchor. 

Bookchor.com is a 6 years old startup with a clear aim of inculcating reading habits among Indian youth by providing books at the most affordable prices. LockTheBox was started back in 2018 from Delhi and this is the fourth time Bookchor is coming to Chennai. 

They expanded the event`s size by 5 times because they were previously managing about 2 lac books, but in the Reloaded edition are displaying 1 lack of books per day. And, as of now, 1000 boxes have been sold out. Every day, they replenish the books so that readers can get the best of the market`s content.

They also offer booklovers opportunity to deshelf their books. Customers can sell their old books at attractive prices and get paid in cash immediately. They are accepting books of all languages and honors.

The Event is having books on various genres like Fiction, Non-Fiction, Thrillers, Romance, Rare Classics, Books for teenagers and Children books in English and Hindi language. There will be books from Indian authors and from best-selling authors across the globe.

The event was met with an encouraging response in other cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and are getting good responses in Chennai too. 

3 kinds of boxes will be available at the event named after heroes from Greek mythology - the _Odysseus_ box, _Perseus_ Box, and the biggest and mightiest box – _Herculas_ box.

Event Details:
LockTheBox Bookfair

  • Vijaya Mahal T Nagar Chennai 

  • 6th May – 15th May 2022

  • 9 AM to 10 PM

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