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Know about this rare neurological disease you might get after COVID vaccination!!


Posted on : 28/Oct/2021 9:41:16 AM

According to a new study it was confirmed that a rare neurological disease can occur after the vaccination for Coronavirus infection. Point is that the risk of getting this disease is higher for those with the Coronavirus infection. It has been revealed by the doctors from a UK based study that Coronavirus vaccination could provide us greater protection.

For the study purpose, the researchers examined data from the National Health Service of 32million adults in the United Kingdom. It is learnt that the study has been published in the journal Nature Medicine. It is worthy to mention that the researchers belonging to the University of Oxford and University of Edinburgh have compared the neurological status of a person who had taken the first dose of vaccination to another person who got infected with Coronavirus within a month of time.

A rare disease termed Guillain- Barre Syndrome or GBS was identified by the researchers. This disease is associated with infectious diseases and some vaccines. Various symptoms of this GBS are inflammation of the nervous system, numbness/weakness and pain in the arms/legs and other body parts. Persons could also experience pain in their face and chest also. Truth is that GBS could be treated and most people recover completely from GBS.

It is learnt that after the first dose of AstraZeneca vaccine an additional 38 per 10million adults were infected with GBS. Sixty out of every 10 million adults who had received Pfizer vaccine had an additional haemorrhage stroke in them.

It is important to mention here that for those with Coronavirus infection, of the 10million people who were Coronavirus positive as many as 145 persons had additional GBS infection and 123 out of 10 million had encephalitis. Out of 10 million people, as many as163 persons had myasthenia gravis issues that affect the immune system, nerves and muscles etc. The risk of brain haemorrhage was high over the next 7 days of Coronavirus positivity and over the next 1 month the risk levels returned to normal. In Scotland, the researchers repeated their study on the adults who were vaccinated. Link between GBS disease and AstraZeneca vaccine has been found.
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