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Highly important!! - Schools in Chennai have to have these compulsorily from now on!!


Posted on : 27/Sep/2021 9:15:45 AM

For more than one and half years, the schools have been closed in Tamil Nadu due to the raging Coronavius infection pandemic. From 1st of September 2021, the schools have resumed for the students belonging to the classes 9 to 12. The classes for these students have been taking place on a rotation basis with 50% student capacity at a given time.  There are some discussions that have been going on regarding the reopening of schools for the primary classes in Tamil Nadu.

Parents must send their kids voluntarily to the schools and the students must not be forced to attend the direct physical classes in the schools. For those students who are not attending physical classes, online classes have been providing education and it will continue.

After the schools have resumed classes 9 to 12 in Tamil Nadu, some students and teachers got infected with Covid-19 and they were isolated and they are being monitored by the doctors. The schools that had the infection have been disinfected using germicides. The infected schools have been shut down for a few days is known. Now, the Coronavirus situation has become normal in TN and suggestions are being taken for resuming schools for the primary classes and middle classes.

It was pointed out by the TN state government that due to the fear of the third Coronavirus infection wave the schools must not resume classes for these students.

For ensuring the safety of girl students in the schools in TN, Directorate of Primary Education has issued an order now. A circular has been sent to all district primary education officers. According to the circular, committees must be set up to safeguard all girl students in the schools

It is mentioned that the committee must have a district social welfare officer, district education officer plus police officer and a female psychiatrist. Schools must set up a complaint box regarding sexual harassment and the members of the committee must visit schools weekly once to check the box. Police department must be notified if there were any complaint about sexual harassment in the schools. The school notice boards must have the contact numbers of women police stations.
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