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Celebrations of 115th Anniversary of Rotary!

Posted on: 29/Feb/2020 12:36:31 PM
Rotary International was established on 23rd February 1905 in Chicago by lawyer Paul P. Harris!

This week marks the 115th anniversary of Rotary International.

On this grand occasion, the Rotary International president Mark Daniel Maloney observed:

Much has changed in the world since 1905. Then, the global population was roughly 1.7 billion. Today, it is 7.7 billion. As the pace of change worldwide continues to accelerate, the need for Rotary service is greater than ever. Its one thing to read about service projects, quite another to see them in action and to see the grateful faces of people who have benefited from them. Rotary projects change lives and connect the world. And over the past year, I have seen some amazing Rotary.

Today, there are 32,000 clubs in more than 200 countries with 1.2 million men and women members!