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TN State Govt Order : Transfer for employees who work in the same school for 3 years


Posted on : 25/Jun/2019 14:18:42

The government order released regarding the guiding procedures/rules released by the Joint Director of the School workers/employees section under the Department of School Education mentions:

‘It is emphasised to the District Educational Officers that all the government school employees working from Junior Assistants to the Direct Personal Assistant of the District Education Officers who have completed 3 years of service in the same school as on 30th June 2019 should be issued transfer orders after conducting the preferential counselling at district level on 3rd July 2019.’

·        Transfers can be given only to be where approved vacancies available. For the posts allotted to the new offices, no transfers must be issued till the office gives approval and the relevant government order is issued.

·        Transfers can be issued to employees as above who have been working presently over a period of 3 years in the same school as on 30th June 2019 within their preferred locations within the district.

·        It is mandatory to transfer all employees who have completed 3 years of service at the same school. However, please note that this is not applicable to Junior Assistants and others who have been working over 13 years in schools.

·        It is not possible to issue transfer from 1 section to another in the same school.

·        In case the office of the District Education has been shifted to a new place along with the employees, there is no necessity to issue transfer orders to these employees. However, in case the transferred employee seeks to transfer to another place due to administrative reasons, the Primary Education Officers can include them as well for the counselling.

·        In case the employees need to travel a very long distance to their workplace after the transfer, and thus again seek transfer to their preferred nearer districts,  a list of this data can be prepared and submitted in petition to the Joint Director (Employees Section) on 5th July.

·        It must be confirmed whether all the employees who have been working in the same school for over 3 years have been transferred. No individual employee who has completed 3 years at the same place should be allowed to continue and must be transferred.