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Metro water supply in Chennai city cut by nearly half now


Posted on : 21/Jan/2019 10:34:51 AM

The three reservoirs that supply drinking water to the city of Chennai has gone dry and the storage of water in Red Hills is slowly going down now are well known. It is now revealed that the drinking water supply by Metro water in Chennai city has been cut by nearly half now. The point is normally Chennai city receives 830mld or million litres a day of water and it is equal to 140 litres of water per day per resident of Chennai city.

The failure of monsoon has resulted in the reduction of drinking water supply to Chennai city and in the month of December it was 650mld. It is worthy to mention that the drinking water supply has been reduced to 450mld to 480mld now and this is equal to 60 litres less a day per resident.

Desalination plants that are located in Nemmeli and Minjur are responsible for the supply of drinking water now and these plants supply 100 mld each. It must be taken into account that Veeranam water supply project has been responsible for providing 180 mld of drinking water supply. The important point is agriculture wells as well as metro water owned wells have been playing their roles too in supplying 60 mld of drinking water to Chennai and it could touch 100 mld in this summer.

An official of Metro water department expressed his thoughts and spoke about how metro water is having plans for as many as 4 plants to treat sewage water. By the month of June, the Koyambedu plant would start operating. He then explained about the awareness that is being created on usage of recycled water. In this regard meetings were held with many industries owners, academic institutions and resident welfare associations etc. Usage of recycled water from sewage treatment plants was recommended by the department of metro water. The official threw light on the recycled water that is being dumped into the storm water drains and lakes etc. The news collected was Kodungaiyur plant would be ready from the month of June and similar plants would be making their presence felt in places like Nesapakkam and Perungudi.




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