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Kadalai Urundai or Kadalai Mittai for babies


Posted on : 02/Dec/2018 12:23:27

Kadalai Mittai! That’s a healthy snack to go into the lunch box of your toddler! And during those dry hours of the day when you and your kid will not know what to munch on, this is an excellent option to go with.

Ingredients Required
  • Peanuts – 1 cup
  • Jaggery – Ύ cup
  • Dry ginger powder – a pinch
  • Cardamom powder – Ό tbsp
Cooking Method
  • If you have raw peanuts, dry fry them in a pan and remove the skin. Now, break the peanuts into tiny pieces as small as you can. For this, you can crush the nuts in your palms
  • Take the jaggery and dissolve it in less than quarter glass of water. Now, filter it to remove the impurities present
  • To this jaggery, add dry ginger powder and cardamom powder and mix thoroughly.
  • Now, in a wide-bottomed Kadai, boil the jaggery syrup until it comes to such a consistency that when you take a bit of it and roll, it forms a ball. It should not get dissolved in water
  • To know if you have achieved the right consistency, put the jaggery syrup into the water and roll it. Keep doing this a few times to know if the consistency is achieved
  • Keep the peanuts ready on an ever-silver plate. Once the syrup is ready, pour it onto the peanuts and give it a nice mix. Remember that the mixing has to be done right when it is hot or at least warm
  • Grease your hands with ghee or oil and make dumplings out of the jaggery, peanut mix.
  • Often times people complain of hardening of the mixture while preparing the balls. If you experience the same, you may slightly heat the mixture so that it loosens up and again start making the dumplings.
  • The dumplings can be of the size you wish. It can be of the size of a regular laddoo or small lemon.