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Are you doing too many exercises or workouts, then watch out for these important signs!!

Posted on: 07/Jun/2023 9:20:38 AM
By doing exercises regularly, our body as well as our mind would be superb and healthy. Yes, that`s true!!

Our cardiovascular health plus mood etc would become better with exercises and we could also avoid getting chronic health issues etc. There are some people who over exercise or exercise too much. It is a well known fact that too much of anything is not good and the same goes for exercises also. It was brought to light that overexercising would result in overtraining syndrome.

If a person does intense exercises and doesn`t give their bodies enough time to recover, then overtraining syndrome would occur in them. In the end, the person would have both physical and mental health based problems. By doing intense exercises, the body would have lots of strains and this could result in inflammation. The hormonal balance would get affected due to inflammation.

It is noteworthy that the hormonal imbalance would further lead to reduced muscle mass and increase in body fat. A balance between intensity, duration and frequency is very much needed while doing workouts etc.

There are certain signs that would reveal that a person is working out too much. These are

Chronic fatigue:

When a person does work out excessively, then the person would have chronic fatigue. This is an important sign of excess workout. The chronic fatigue would be due to the absence of recovery time.

Sleeping issues:

As the body is in overdrive due to over exercising , the relaxation would not be possible and this could also lead to insomnia or sleeping issues. The person who has over exercised would have a racing heart and the person won`t be able to calm down and fall asleep.

Frequent injuries:

Repetitive strain injuries would occur in those persons who do excessive workouts etc. This would lead to chronic inflammation in them.

Reduced appetite:

Metabolism would speed up in those who do excess workouts. This could lead to a decrease in their appetite. Point is that these people might have food cravings and it could lead to binge eating also.


By doing exercises  excessively, the person could get chronic stress. This could make them more irritable. The person might also get issues like depression etc.

Reduced immunity:

 By overexercising, the immune system would get weakened leading to  infections and diseases etc in the person.  They could get a cold or common flu etc easily. The person might take a long time to recover.

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