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Seafood Price in Chennai

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  Seafood Price Chennai - 3/Oct/2023

Seafood Price in Chennai
Name Price (Rs)
Sankara Medium 300.00
Black Pomfret Small 550.00
Catla 297.00
Barracuda Medium Slice 910.00
Nethly 280.00
Silver Bellys 320.00
Squid 300.00
Red_snapper 400.00
Lactarius 600.00
Mathi 100.00
Mackerel 210.00
Sole 380.00
Live Murrel 720.00
Shark meat 570.00
Shark 380.00
Perch 400.00
Caranx 440.00
Betki (Big) 520.00
Kala/ Indian Salmon (B) 690.00
Black Pomfret (B) 780.00
S Parai 280.00
White Pomfret (B) 1260.00
White Pomfret (M) 820.00
Seer Small 770.00
Seer Slice 990.00
White Pomfret (S) 580.00
Seer Big 840.00
Black Pomfret (S) 500.00
Letrinus (M) 420.00
Sillago (M) 400.00
Kala / Indian Salmon (M) 600.00
Letrinus Big 400.00
Crab 500.00
Prawn (s) 360.00
Prawn (M) 450.00
Prawn (B) 700.00

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