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Immovable asset registration: new procedures to check old documents

The Inspector General of the state government Registration Department has released orders to implement the new procedures regarding the checking of the old related documents of an immovable asset during registration.

Posted On :14/Jun/2018 12:58:31 PM

Old registration details in original are mandatory for new property registration

Whenever a registration of an immovable asset is being registered, the ownership of the applicant must be confirmed while issuing the letters pertaining to the authority, change of ownership, gift, settlement arrangement.

Posted On :08/Jun/2018 4:12:31 PM

Rs. 2000 charges for layout change: RERA

The applicants who desire to carry out some changes in the originally submitted layout plans to the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) need to pay charges of Rs. 2000.

Posted On :28/May/2018 2:26:21 PM

CMDA providing layout framework for Unapproved plots

Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA) releases approved layout for the framework of unapproved plots in the Chennai Metropolitan Area. People with the unapproved plots can find the layout framework.

Posted On :12/May/2018 6:01:38 PM

Real-Time Verification for Property Registration

Registration system to enroll the ownership of properties will face new changes and an upgrade in verification process reported a government Official in the Registration Department.

Posted On :04/May/2018 12:38:20 PM

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