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Are you aware of these health benefits of consuming superfood freekeh or green wheat?

Posted on: 07/Jun/2024 9:31:02 AM

From the green durum wheat, a cereal is prepared and this is freekeh. The superb piece of information is that superfood freekeh can be consumed in several ways. Freekah can be added to salads etc, cooked as rice, used as stuffing for vegetables etc. Freekah has got nutty flavour and chewy texture and is a highly versatile grain.

Some amazing benefits of consume freekeh are

Nutrients rich food:

It is worthy to note that freekeh is a whole grain having bran, germ and endosperm. It has many nutrients like fibres, vitamins like B, C, minerals like iron, zinc, magnesium etc. Consuming freekeh would improve our digestive health.  The presence of phosphorus in freekeh would make our bones and teeth strong.

Brain boosting properties:

Our cognitive functions would improve by intake of freekeh. The presence of vitamin B plays a huge role here. Our memory power, focus etc would get boosted. Oxygen flow to the brain would become better and this would improve our cognitive health.

Good for heart health:

When we consume freekeh, our bad cholesterol levels would get lowered and our heart health would get better. The anti-inflammatory properties of freekeh would be of superb use for cardiovascular health.

Source of plant based protein:

It must be taken into account that freekeh could be superb for vegans or vegetarians who want to boost their plant based protein intake. We can combine this superfood with other plant based proteins like legumes etc.

Supports weight management:

Those who are trying to reduce their excess weight or manage weight etc can consume freekeh. By eating freekeh, we would feel full for a long duration and we would not have cravings for food. By this, weight loss would be possible.

Disadvantages of consuming freekeh:

Those who are gluten sensitive must not eat freekeh as it might increase their problem. Persons who are allergic to wheat also must refrain from eating freekeh as it is derived from wheat. This freekeh would not be suitable for diet types like paleo diet or keto diet etc.

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