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What can drinking Indian bael juice do to our health?

Posted on: 06/Jun/2024 9:10:36 AM

A tree that is considered as sacred and whose leaves are offered in prayers is bael tree. It is known as Iyalbudi in Tamil and Adharutha in Sanskrit. This bael tree belongs to the Rutaceae family. Not many of us know the fact that the bael fruit or bael or wood apple is rich in many nutrients like minerals, vitamins and antioxidants etc.

Preparation of bael juice:

From the pulp off the bael fruit a liquid is extracted and this is bael juice. The liquid is then mixed with water and sweetener etc to enhance its flavour. Ingredients that are present in bael juice are vitamins like A and C, minerals like potassium etc, antioxidants etc.

Various health benefits of drinking bael juice are

Anti-inflammatory properties:

The presence of anti-inflammatory compounds like tannins,coumarins, flavonoids etc in beal juice would inhibit the production of inflammatory mediators in the body.

Good for heart health:

Blood pressure and cholesterol would get controlled by drinking bael juice having potassium. Our heart function would improve and this would lower the risk of getting cardiovascular diseases etc.

Good for digestion:

It is true that by drinking bael juice our digestion would become better. This is because bael juice contains pectin and fibres etc and these would regulate our bowel movements. We would not get constipation issues when we drink this juice.

Immunity booster:

The production of WBC in the body would be stimulated when we drink bael juice having nutrients like vitamins A and C etc plus antioxidants etc. Our immune system would get enhanced by this.

Controls diabetes:

Our blood sugar levels would get regulated by drinking bael juice. This is due to the presence of compounds like ferulic acid and rutin etc in the juice. Insulin sensitivity would get better and blood glucose levels would get lowered.

Improves respiratory health:

Our respiratory tract would get smoothened when we drink bael juice. The reason is due to the anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties of bael juice. We could be free from issues like asthma, bronchitis etc by consuming bael juice.

Better skin health:

Our skin would get protected from oxidative stress and production of collagen would be promoted by consuming bael juice with vitamins and antioxidants etc. Our skin elasticity would become better and premature aging would be prevented.

Body detoxifier:

Toxins present in our body would get flushed out by drinking bael juice. There would be easy elimination of waste from the digestive system due to the presence of high fibre in the juice.

Antimicrorobial properties:

The growth of harmful bacteria and fungi would get inhibited due to the presence of tannins and phenols etc present in the bael juice. This antimicrobial property of bael juice is very important for us.

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