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Be careful and try to avoid these foods that would weaken your memory and focus!!

Posted on: 31/Jan/2023 5:13:09 PM
Our brain health would get affected by eating certain foods. It is true that a diet that supports the health of the brain would help short as well as long term functions of the brain. By making a few dietary adjustments, it would be possible to enhance our mood as well as our mental health. 

By brain health, we mean the state of the brain functioning across cognitive, sensory, socio-economical and behavioural domains etc. This would make the person realize their full potential over his or her life course despite the presence or absence of disorders etc. Memory as well as focus are very important for a person and he or she must take care of that.

These foods could weaken your memory and focus and must be avoided.  

Avoid processed seed oils:

The oils extracted from seeds like soybean, rapeseed, corn, cottonseed, sunflower etc would contain omega 6 fatty acids. Fact is that omega 6 fatty acids could make the body produce certain chemicals that could result in inflammation in our brain. It is better to use coconut oil or olive oil.

Avoid foods with added sugars:

It is well known to us that the brain uses energy in the form of glucose for cellular activities. Not many would be aware of the fact that a high sugar diet could result in excess glucose in the brain thereby causing memory based issues in us and also to less plasticity of hippocampus or brain part that controls our memory. Examples of added sugar foods are sugary beverages, deserts, icecreams etc.

Avoid fried foods:

It is important not to eat fried foods like deep fried chicken, potato samosas, fried plantains etc. These deep fried, crushed foods might be superb for the taste buds but not good for the brain health. It is better to choose baked, air-fried foods.

Avoid foods with artificial sweeteners:

The bad gut bacteria in us could get increased by consuming artificial sweeteners having no nutritional value. This could affect our brain health badly. Examples of artificial sweeteners are saccharin, sacrolose etc. Our memory could get affected.