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Surprising health benefits of eating green peas during winters!!

Posted on: 31/Jan/2023 9:36:37 AM
Belonging to the legume family, matar or also called as green peas are available all throughout the winter season in India is a well known fact. It is noteworthy that green peas or garden peas are small spherically shaped seeds that would come from the pods produced by the pisum sativum plant. Green peas have been eaten by humans for more than hundreds of years.

These green peas could be added to several dishes. Truth is that not many are aware of the health benefits of eating peas.  Various ingredients present in the green peas are protein, potassium, fiber and zinc etc. They also have vitamins like A, B,C, E and K. Green peas have plenty of starch in them and hence they are regarded as starchy vegetables like potato, squash etc.

Eating green peas especially in the winter season could provide us with fabulous health benefits.

Good for digestive health:

Since green peas have fibre content in them, intake of green peas would improve our digestive health. It must be taken into account that the fibers present in green peas would feed on the good bacteria present in the intestines and would keep the intestines healthy. Growth of harmful bacteria would be prevented. By this, inflammatory bowel disease and irritable bowel syndrome etc would be kept at bay. 

Controlling the blood sugar levels:

It must be noted that green peas have low glycemic index or GI. In addition they also have proteins and fibre and these would play a huge role in controlling the blood sugar levels in us.

Healthy skin:

The presence of vitamin B6, folate and C etc reduces inflammation and free radical damage etc in us. It is known that these two could lead to the depletion of skin`s natural collagen and elastin proteins etc.

Plant based protein source:

Vegetarians could feel delighted that they would be able to meet their daily protein requirements by eating green peas. Truth is that green peas are the best plant based protein sources available. The presence of fibre rich content would make us feel full for a long time.Intake of proteins is important for muscle and bone health etc.

Regulates cholesterol levels:

Production of triglycerides and VLDL would be reduced by niacin present in the green peas. By this, we would have less bad cholesterol and more good cholesterol or HDL.

Prevents chronic diseases:

Chronic diseases such as Heart disease, cancer etc could be avoided by eating green peas that have heart healthy minerals. The presence of antioxidants in green peas would prevent cancer and would inhibit the growth of tumors in us. It is believed that the presence of vitamin K in green peas could keep prostate cancer at bay.