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Every woman must know about these severe infections that could affect them due to poor menstrual hygiene!!

Posted on: 21/Jan/2022 9:22:30 AM
Many women do not take enough care during their periods or menstruation and later find it very difficult.  It must be noted that getting periods is a normal process for a girl or woman above the age of 12 and they must know the menstrual hygiene practices and not feel embarrassed to discuss with the doctor etc. The need of the hour is to maintain good menstrual hygiene. By this, it would be possible for the woman to be free from allergies or infections etc.

Various infections or issues a woman could get due to poor or unhealthy menstrual hygiene are

Fungal infections:

The most common infection every woman would have due to poor menstrual hygiene is fungal based infections. She would have vaginal itching, burning sensations, irritation, white discharge etc. It is true that during periods women wear sanitary pads and if these pads are not changed regularly then she could get fungal infections.

Urinary tract infections or UTIs:

When UTIs affect a pregnant mother then she would find it highly uncomfortable. It must be noted that UTIs could occur when there is a bacterial infection in the urinary bladder. There would be a burning sensation during urination. It is true that change in the pH of the vaginal area and poor menstrual hygiene maintenance would lead to UTIs. So, please be careful.

Bacterial infections:

Bacterial infections or bacterial vaginosis could occur when a woman follows poor menstrual hygiene. This type of infection would occur if a woman wears the same sanitary napkin or pad for 8 hours continuously during her periods.  Sexually active woman, pregnant woman and those women with IUD etc have more chances of getting bacterial vaginosis in them.

Yeast infections:

Every woman could get yeast infection atleast once in their lifetime and candida albicans lead to this type of infection. Truth here is that there are good bacteria present in vagina that have their own biome. When immunity is lowered, then she would get fungus that would outgrow rest of the organisms and create infection. When a woman follows poor menstrual hygiene then this condition would become worse in her.