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By eating these particular fruits, our immunity will get boosted during the winter season!!

Posted on: 20/Jan/2022 9:45:54 AM
It is true that in the winter season, the immunity of the majority of us would go down and we would get several infections and diseases etc. Moreover, Coronavirus is present around us.

This Coronavirus pandemic is causing many to take steps to improve their immunity is a well known fact. To boost their immunity, people are opting for a healthy lifestyle now. By doing this, optimum health could be maintained by us. It is believed that by intake of energy rich fruits, we could boost our immunity to superb levels.

The presence of vitamins plus others like fibers and antioxidants etc in the fruits make them amazing for immunity. Every person must eat these sensational fruits to boost their immunity and avoid infections and diseases attacking them.

Various fruits that must be consumed are

Intake of orange:

Rich in vitamin C and calcium, intake of oranges in the winter season is very important. It would definitely improve immunity. There are also other fabulous benefits of intake of oranges like lowering our cholesterol levels and keeping the heart in good health etc.

Intake of guava:

Guava is an important fruit rich in antioxidants and vitamin C etc. Immunity of a person would get better by intake of guavas. Other useful benefits are good for digestion, controlling blood sugar levels etc. The sodium and potassium balance in us could be maintained by intake of this fruit.

Intake of pomegranate:

It is worthy to mention that pomegranate is a superb blood thinning fruit and it could be consumed by those persons with blood pressure. Intake of this fruit would keep heart based issues at bay. The immunity of a person would become more by intake of pomegranate fruit.

Intake of plum:

 This fruit is mostly consumed by many in the winter season. By consuming plum fruit our body would heal fast and well. This is mainly due to vitamin C in this fruit. The immune system would get strengthened by intake of plum.

Intake of kiwi:

Being rich in vitamin C, intake of kiwi could increase the ability of the body to fight infections and diseases. After recovering from viral infections etc, the body would be able to regain its original strength.

Intake of mosambi:

It belongs to the citrus family and is rich in vitamin C. It would be good to consume mosambi especially in the winter season. This fruit would boost the immunity levels in us. Mixing mosambi juice, carrot juice and beetroot juice would be sensational for immunity.

Intake of cranberries:

Small in size, reddish coloured cranberries could provide us with superb benefits like liver protection, treating urinary tract infections. Cranberries would lower our BP also. Intake of cranberries in winters would help in boosting our immunity levels.