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We can eat these foods freely without the fear of weight gain


Posted on : 21/Oct/2020 9:16:43 AM

Eating well, but not putting on weight!!

With the variety of foods that are available these days, we all want to eat well. Truth is that inspite of eating well we dont want to put on weight. This might not be impossible. It is important to mention here that not all foods have the same effect on hunger and satiety.

There are certain foods that we could consume without thinking about gaining weight. It is said that by eating these foods that have got water plus vitamins and antioxidants etc we could feel full for a longer period of time and we need not worry about gaining weight.

Various foods that we can eat without fearing weight gain are

Whole eggs intake:
It is believed that eggs having protein could be consumed by us for breakfast without fearing weight gain. Research studies have revealed that those who ate eggs for breakfast consumed fewer calories throughout the day.

Cucumber intake:
It is well known that cucumber is full of water and low in calories and by eating cucumbers we would not gain weight.

Boiled potatoes intake:
Highly versatile and rich in vitamins, fibres etc, boiled potatoes intake could make us feel full for a longer duration of time. The presence of resistant starch in potatoes plays an important role in keeping us full.

Celery intake:
Celery has water, folate, potassium, vitamin K etc and by consuming celery we would not put on weight. The dietary fibres in celery help in digestion and weight loss.

Broccoli intake:
Low starch food, rich in vitamins A, C and K, broccoli would make us feel fuller for longer time. The blood sugar gets regulated. Consuming in raw or steamed broccoli would be superb.

Oatmeal intake:
Oatmeal is rich in fibres and is well known to us. By consuming oatmeal for breakfast, our appetite would be suppressed and we would eat reduced calories throughout the day.

Legumes intake:
We could eat beans, peas and lentils etc without the fear of weight gain. It must be noted that legumes are good sources of fibres and protein with low energy density.