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Women must follow these important tips for fighting fatigue before their periods


Posted on : 20/Oct/2020 9:25:22 AM

It is very normal for a woman to feel fatigue before her period. Fact is that feeling fatigue is the most common symptoms of PMS or premenstrual syndrome.

This fatigue would make the women very tired and she would not be able to perform the daily activities too. It is worthy to note that other PMS symptoms could also occur in women accompanying fatigue and these symptoms are bloating, mood swings, constipation, headache, irritation etc.

Reason for fatigue before periods:
Fluctuation in the serotonin levels is the reason for the fatigue feeling.  It has been revealed by some research studies that serotonin has been associated with fatigue due to its effects on sleep, drowsiness etc. It must be taken into account that before the period starts the serotonin levels might fluctuate and this would lead to a decrease in ten energy levels of a woman. This could affect the mood of the woman.

Pre-period fatigue in women could be treated by these ways. They are

By keeping body hydrated:
By drinking lots of water, a woman would be able to keep her body hydrated. This would make her feel less tired. It is said that drinking atleast 8 glasses of water in a day would be good.

By eating healthy food:
Woman could get energy if she consumes plenty of vegetables, fruits and whole grains etc as these foods are healthy. It is believed that consuming foods like bananas, brown rice, fatty fishes, apples, quinoa, oatmeal etc having vitamin B, iron, potassium, manganese etc would boost the energy levels.

By exercising daily:
By doing moderate amounts of aerobic exercise it would be possible for a woman to reduce fatigue, improve premenstrual symptoms.

By doing other relaxation techniques:
Deep breathing exercises, yoga and meditation could increase the energy levels. It has been shown by study that doing yoga could reduce PMS symptoms like fatigue etc.